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The Genesis Music Project videos now available to view & use for free. It contains 10 music videos with lyrics that closely follow the biblical account of creation from Genesis 1 to 11, accompanied with epic visuals.

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Genesis - Origins CD


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The Genesis album is now available to download from all streaming platforms. Simply search 'Joe Vermeulen' on your favourite streaming site.

preview - genesis 1 - 'in the beginning'


The Bible In Song


  • Music is a powerful tool to help us memorise slabs of scripture, which these songs enable listeners to do. 
  • Over the past 25 years I've been writing songs inspired by the Bible. My passion lies in taking bible passage and paraphrasing them into music - keeping as close as possible to the original text & meaning. 
  • To date I've written the whole book of Revelation into music, the first 11 chapters of Genesis and some passages from Ephesians,  Corinthians, Psalms, Isaiah and more. 
  • Genesis is the first of these projects to be professionally recorded. As the Lord provides I will be recording more of these songs professionally, also depicting them through visuals in the live performances.    

Genesis 1-11


The 'Genesis - Origins' CD contains 10 original songs covering Genesis 1-11. The songs reflect in music the awe, drama and majesty of the history of our origins as told in the Bible. 

Journey back to where it all began. From the Garden of Eden, the fall, the flood to the tower of Babel. Experience the unfolding of creation like you’ve never seen before. Come experience the Genesis Project. A vivid music production with stunning visual effects two years in the making. 

Be inspired as you’re transported back to the story of our origins as told in the first 11 chapters of our Bible.
Send an enquiry about a live show near you. Use our free music download option when you subscribe and  enjoy a song for free. Order the CD or download the music through your favorite streaming platform like iTunes or Spotify etc.

Live Performance


  • The live performance combines cinematic backing tracks and myself playing/singing live. Some performances I use extra live musicians depending on availability and logistics. Epic visuals are projected onto a large screen to make the message of Genesis 1-11 a vivid and memorable one. The songs are interwoven with spoken reflections from these bible passages. 
  • There is awe and wonder writen in the creation account of Genesis. There is meaning and purposed discovered as intended by the Creator of the universe. 
  • We  also find answers to many of life's questions such as 'why am I here? What is my purpose in life? What is my value? Why is there sickness and suffering in the world? Why do people die? What about Noah's flood? Where do languages and cultures come from? Is there hope for mankind and creation? 
  • Come discover the answers to these questions as told in the first book of the Bible - Genesis.


Help The Cause

  1. Your prayerful support and donations can enable this project to grow so we can record more of the bible to music along with stunning visuals.
  2. Currently we are working on recording 20 songs (already written) paraphrasing the Book of Revelation - as well as filming our own videos to tell the story visually as well. 

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